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Name:Secret Treehouse (2009 - 2016)
Posting Access:All Members

Hello, and welcome to the Secret Treehouse, your one-stop shop for all things TGWTG (and friends) fanfic!

Membership is moderated to keep the trolls out, and during times of potential troll invasions, new members may be put on moderated posting at the discretion of the mod. Please don't take it personally.

Rules and Regulations.

Rule One: Neither an idiot nor an arsehole be.
Basically, use your common sense and try not to piss people off.

Rule Two: Do not taunt Happy Fun Mod.
Disagreement is fine, name-calling and accusations of ZOMGOPRESSION!!1! are not.

Rule Three: Don't mention the war fanfic.
One of the first rules of fandom is that you don't draw the attention to The Powers That Be to it. While we can't control what the trolls and angry fanboys do, if any member of this comm is found to have sent fanfic to the people in it, the modhammer will come down hard.

Rule Four: Offtopic is bad, m'kay?
Fanfic is obviously on-topic, as are discussion posts. Intro posts, on the other hand, are not, and while it's fine to include a short "Hi, I'm new" paragraph with your first legit post, including a discussion topic purely to make an intro post "legal" is not.

Rule Five: We don't like spam.
In other words, don't post like half a dozen times per day, check if there's already a post up about a new ep you want to discuss, and don't start a new post for each new drabble.

Rule Six: There is NOOOOO Rule Six.
... Sorry, leftover Monty Python moment from the last rule. MOVING ON!

Rule Seven: You are not the goddamn Batman.
The mod is here for a reason, so try not to resort to vigilante justice. If you see someone unwittingly breaking the rules, feel free to give them a heads up, but for anything more serious, please contact the mod about it.

Rule Eight: Remember, the goggles do nothing.
So please don't make our eyes bleed. Don't use textspeak and forced "fancy" formatting, and put pictures behind a cut. (And yes, I know I'm kinda reaching now with the phrasing of the rules. Don't judge me.)

Rule Nine: Headers are your friend.
See the FAQ for an example. At the very least, there should be a disclaimer, and warnings for rape or non-con, death, or under-16s in sexual situations. Any fic that doesn't include a disclaimer, or lacks a warning for any of those if applicable, will be deleted.

Rule Ten: The Nostalgia Chick is Made of Awesome.
And if you disagree with that, please take it up with Canadia. :D

Rule 11: Honor The Requests
Reviewers can and have made requests about appearing in fanfics. These are to be honored both on the community and the kink memes. These cannot be enforced elsewhere but you are strongly encouraged to spread the word, politely. Thus far: Nash may not feature in any sexual fanfics, only genfic. CinWicked is not to be in any noncon fanfics. Iron Liz is not to be in any fanfics where she is romantically involved with Linkara. JesoOtaku is not to be in any fanfics.

Other Housekeeping

Kink Meme 1 (closed to prompts)

Kink Meme 2 (open to prompts)</p>

Current archive.

Confused about any of the rules? Have a question for the mod? FAQ you!

Want to know how to use the tagging system? Need to have a tag added to the list? Here you go!

Need a beta? Want to beta for someone? Right this way!

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